Intraoral dental imaging

Intraoral dental imaging is a type of dental imaging, where a digital detector is inserted into the patient’s oral cavity. The intraoral technique is divided into the periapical technique and dental crown imaging.

The periapical dental imaging technique is used to scan one individual tooth with its root and the corresponding area of the alveolar bone.

The bitewing imaging technique is used to scan dental crowns. The image is suitable for detecting interdental caries.

The scan is painless and quick, only the size of the attachment may cause some discomfort. Using the latest intraoral imaging technology, we get a digital image that is processed with a special software, resulting in a much higher higher-quality image than are produced with the classic X-ray film. This makes certain teeth structures more visible and clear.

To ensure the best quality of the image, the patient should not move during the scan.

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