CBCT imaging

The benefits of the CBCT

CBCT is a completely new method for imaging the craniofacial area in 3D. It is especially appropriate for displaying bone structures, offering excellent spatial resolution and contrast, which makes diagnosis and treatment easier for the physician. Imaging is painless and lasts approximately 16 seconds. After imaging, it is necessary to process the image with OnDemand3D Dental software, which takes only a few minutes. The images are issued on a DVD with the OnDemand3D Dental software, which the physician can then use for viewing the image in 3D, planning, and make exact measurements.

This is the most sophisticated CT technology with the lowest received radiation doses. We are able to utilize a broader or narrower field of imaging.

The usability of the CBCT

  • Implantology – the planning, treatment, and positioning of implants
  • We choose the best size and type of implant
  • We optimize the location and angulation
  • We locate the critical anomaly
  • Impacted teeth – the view of the position of the impacted teeth and their relationship to the mandibular canal
  • TMS analysis – the TMS analysis displays critical structures
  • Orthodontics – makes diagnosis and treatment easier

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